Connecting Stripe to your Bank Account

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you must connect a bank account or debit card to our payment processor, Stripe, to receive your revenue. This action can only be completed by an account user with owner-level permissions.

Stripe creates a mini bank account that you own and control. Your money appears in that account, and from there it is automatically transferred to the external bank account of your choice. 

Please use our Stripe FAQ article for frequently asked questions.

If you are setting up for multi-chain use in Stripe please use this article: Using Stripe Alias

1. Click on 'Account Settings' from the main menu. 

2. Scroll down and click 'Connect with Stripe'.

Note: If you operate other restaurants that use Bbot, see Stripe and Multi-Unit Chains.

You will need to enter the information shown below including the type of business entity and your phone number for verification.

You also have the option to have payouts transferred to a debit card instead of your bank account, as well. Simply enter the card number and expiration date to have it connected. 

3. After you've connected to Stripe, click on 'View/Edit Dashboard' and make sure nothing else needs to be verified (i.e., email address). In some cases you may be asked to verify the identity of one responsible individual who will have the authority to recover this account. Most customers choose the accountant for this “account owner” role. It does not need to be the literal owner of the company.

If you need to connect your Stripe account to a different external bank account, you can do that from the Stripe Dashboard. If you need to change to a completely different Stripe account (e.g. with a different owner email), contact and ask us to disconnect the existing account so you can change it.

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