Stripe FAQ

  1. How do I connect my bank account?
    1. Please use the following article to connect your bank to Stripe:
  2. Will ACH transfers be done in bulk or smaller transactions?
    1. Each night, Bbot's software does the accounting for that day's sales. It then schedules a transfer from Bbot's Stripe account to the restaurant's Stripe account. The transfer contains the day's credit card charges, minus the card processing fees and Bbot's fees. The Accounting Report explains the components of each transfer, and shows its scheduled date.
    2. The date of the transfer will be the date that the credit card charges clear. This is typically 2 or 3 business days, depending on the card. Usually U.S. cards are 2 days and European cards are 3 days. Restaurants with a lot of tourist traffic will typically see two separate transfers per day -- one for each type of card.
    3. If it's preferable to have fewer, larger bank transfers, the transfer from Stripe to the external account can optionally be done weekly or even monthly.
    4. You can find more info on Stripes Payouts here:
  3. What items are displayed in the bank transfer reports?
    1. For each bank transfer, the report shows:
      1. Charge Date - the date of the credit card charge. (Or, for rows showing adjustments to the account, this column contains the date that the adjustment or charge-back was applied).
      2. Beer Sales
      3. Wine Sales
      4. Liquor Sales
      5. Food Sales
      6. Other Sales
      7. Convenience Fees - the revenue from any delivery fees on these orders.
      8. Gross Sales
      9. Refunds Issued
      10. Net Sales Pretax
      11. Tax
      12. Sales Incl Tax
      13. Total Tips
      14. Total Card Income
      15. Bbot and Card Processing Fees
      16. Card Income After Fees
      17. Final Bank Transfer
      18. Transfer Date - the date when the money will be transferred to your Stripe account. See discussion above for details on how this is determined. By default, this is also the day when the external bank transfer will be initiated. Note that ACH transfers typically arrive at the external bank 2-3 business days after they're initiated.
    2. You can find more info on the full accounting report here:
  4. Why is my payout delayed?
    1. If there has been a delay in your Stripe payout, please check that all aspects of your Stripe Dashboard and email associated with the account are verified. Unverified account information can stall payouts.
    2. You can find more info on Stripes Delayed Payouts here:
  5. How long would it take a refund to hit a guest's account?
    1. You can refund non-disputed payments to your customers using the Stripe API or directly from the Stripe Dashboard.
    2. Stripe submits refunds to your customer’s bank immediately. Depending on the bank's processing time, it can take anywhere from 5-10 business days to show up on your customer’s bank account.
    3. You can find more info on Stripes Refunds here:
  6. A customer has disputed a charge, what are my next steps?
    1. When a dispute is opened by a customer with their bank, the following events occur (in order):
      1. The customer’s bank notifies Stripe of the dispute.
      2. The bank automatically deducts the disputed amount and a dispute processing fee from Stripe.
      3. Stripe removes the funds from the merchant’s Stripe account balance to cover the dispute deduction.
      4. Stripe notifies the account owner of the dispute, passing along all information received from the bank related to the dispute via the Dashboard and over email.
    2. Once the dispute is opened and the funds have been deducted, the merchant has the opportunity to submit evidence in order to prove the charge was legitimate and potentially overturn the dispute. You can find more in on Stripes Disputes here:
  7. When does a patron charge get paid out to a Bbot customer’s Stripe account (bar, restaurant, hotel)?
    1. Typically 4-5 business days total
    2. The guest's CC is charged immediately upon order. It takes 2-3 business days for card charges to clear, and then typically 2 more days for the ACH.
  8. What if I have an existing Stripe account?
    1. If you have an existing Stripe account you will still need to create a new Stripe Connect account. This will allow the Bbt Stripe express account to distribute payments to your business at a set cadence.
    2. You can not use the same email address as an existing Stripe account to create a new account. You will need to either create a new email or use an email alias.

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