Using Stripe Alias for Multi-Chain Restaurants

Stripe and multi-unit chains

Stripe identifies accounts based on the email address. So if you have other Bbot restaurants, and you enter the same email address, the payments will go to the same external bank account you previously set up. If you would like payments to go to a different bank account for each restaurant, you will need to use a different email address when setting up the Stripe account. 

Troubleshooting: If Stripe prompts you to connect a specific previously-created Stripe account, and doesn't let you create a new one, you may need to log out of the previous Stripe account. To do that: log in to the Bbot owner portal for the previous account, then go to Settings -> Stripe Dashboard -> Account tab -> Sign out. That will prevent Stripe from trying to connect your pre-existing Stripe account.

Google Alias Explained

In the case of GSuite or Google Apps, you can assign nicknames or aliases to your email address and messages that are addressed to the nickname (or alias) are also delivered to you. You save money as well because you don’t have to pay for another user in GSuite. Any email the alias would receive would go to the same inbox as your main email.

How to Create an Alias with Gmail

1. When registering your account with Stripe, insert your email with +stripe in the main name


2. Finish your Stripe account setup

3. Now all emails going to will be received in our inbox.

When you reply to an email that’s addressed to one of your alias, the “From” address in the email may still have your main email address. You can change that by just editing the name in the email.