Counter Service Mode

Counter Service Mode features a brand new, refreshed, modern look and allows your staff and guests a seamless experience, making for a more effortless checkout experience.

Counter Service Mode can only be enabled on one Location Code per Device Profile so please contact Bbot Support or your Account Manager to get this properly configured for you.

To enter Counter Service Mode, open the Terminal on your Bbot Device and click on 'Locations' at the bottom of the screen.

In the Locations screen, click 'Quick Order' to be taken to Counter Service Mode. 

In Counter Service Mode, all Menu Headings will be listed on the left-hand side, and by tapping on a menu heading, you'll see all menu items. Staff members can also type in item names in the Search bar instead of scrolling through items on the left to find them.

After a staff member selects a menu item, they can select any required or optional modifiers, enter special instructions, and see a summary of the order on the right-hand side after adding the menu items. 

To return to the main menu, staff can click on a menu heading or the 'Cancel' button. They can also click 'Clear Order' to start over or 'Checkout' to finalize the order.

When the staff member taps 'Checkout', they'll be taken to a screen where the guest can select a default tip percentage, a custom tip amount, or the 'No Tip' option. Once the guest has selected the tip amount, they can click 'Approve Payment' to move forward.

The guest can tap, swipe, or insert their card to add their payment method.

Once the payment is processed, the guest can have a receipt sent via email or text, and the staff member can click 'New Order' to return to the main Count Service screen.

*Note*: Counter Service mode does not currently support Required Checkout Information or selecting more than one of the same modifiers.

To have Counter Service Mode enabled or for any questions, please contact our Support Team at