Guest Experience: Checkout

Once your guest has selected the items for their order, they'll be taken to the checkout screen to finalize their order and enter their payment information. 

Accessing the Checkout Page

If your guest is ordering from a computer or tablet, they will be able to access the cart by selecting the shopping cart button at the top right of the menu. Clicking the shopping cart button will display a summary of their order as well as the option to delete items or change any modifiers by clicking the 'Edit' button under the item they'd like to adjust. 

If they are ordering from a phone, they are able to select the 'View Cart' button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking on the item in the cart will bring up the option to adjust any modifiers, adjust the quantity of the item, or remove the item from their cart.

Once you select the checkout button (if using a computer or tablet) or select the 'View Cart' button (if using a phone). you will be directed to the checkout page to finalize your order and add a payment method.

Checkout Page Features

Adjusting Items: On any checkout page, you will also be able to remove, adjust the quantity, and edit each item. To adjust the quantity or modifiers of an item select the 'Edit' button or click the 'Remove' icon next to the item to delete the item from the cart.

Promo Codes: If you have added a promo code, guests will have the ability to enter it into the field below the items. 

Tip Amount: The guest can select the percentage they would like to tip from the default options or click 'Other' to enter a custom tip amount.

Payment Information: All checkout pages will also prompt you for payment information. If you are signed in to your Bbot account and have payment information saved, this information will pre-populate.

If you are ordering from your mobile device and have Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled, you'll see an option to pay using one of these methods, as well as an option to 'Add Different Card' at the bottom of the page. 

Start a Tab: If the restaurant offers the option to open a tab at the location code, the guest will see a toggle to start a one.

Order Fulfillment Date and Time: If all of the items in the guest's cart are eligible for order ahead, they will see an option to choose the date and time they would like their order fulfilled. Clicking the drop-down menu will provide the guest with available dates and times for either pickup or delivery.

Contact Information: If you have configured any Guest Checkout Information, the guest can enter it into the fields shown below. 

Once the guest has completed all required fields and confirmed their order details, they can click the 'Order With Card' button to submit their order. 

Once the guest has completed the checkout process, they'll be taken to the Order Status page where they will see updates to their order as it is prepared. 

Guests are also able to place another order, send their order receipt via email, or enter their phone number for text updates regarding their order.  

For any questions or help adjusting the checkout screen settings, please contact us at