Terminal - Tips Screen

The Bbot Terminal Tips Screen displays tip summaries that can be broken down or lumped together in a number of ways, allowing you to accurately tip out employees. The Tips screen will show a summary of the day, as well as an hourly breakdown of that summary. 

By default, today‚Äôs tips will display. If you are looking to pull tips for a specific date in the past or a date range, you can further adjust in this same toolbar. Lastly, you can change the grouping of tips in the breakdown to be by the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, or by the server. 

Grouping by the server will provide a breakdown of how much each server has made in tips. 

If you would like to see tips for only a specific tablet, zone, location, or multiple locations, you can distill them out using the drop-down menu and checkboxes in the right-hand column.

You are also able to expand or contract which all shown locations by clicking the arrows shown below which will allow for easier navigation. 

NOTE: Tips shown on the Terminal Tip Screen exclude tips that go to DoorDash drivers, so these reports are safe for restaurants to use to tip out employees. Restaurants should NOT use the Tip column of the Accounting & Transfers Report to tip out employees; the Accounting & Transfers Report shows all incoming money, including DoorDash tips, and also shows withholding of DoorDash tips.

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