QR Code Creation - Best Practices

To create your QR codes online, click here to be directed to the QR code creation site. Under 'Your URL', enter the web address you would like the QR code to direct guests to.

If you would like your guests to be directed to your landing page, enter your URL (https://www.yourwebsite.menu). See below the landing page for foodiehall.menu.

If you would like your guests to be directed to a specific menu page based on their location (i.e.: table 2), enter your URL/location i.e. https://www.yourwebsite.menu/locationcode.

Next, you can choose to customize the QR code to fit your branding needs. You can choose your color, add your logo to the center, and pick out the type of design you feel fits best. To make sure there are no issues with scanning the code, we recommend a darker or bolder color.

*If creating QR codes for specific locations, we suggest using the same design for consistency.

When you've customized the QR code, choose the highest pixel quality by moving the slider to the end and click 'Create QR Code.' A preview of the code will be generated above giving you the option to adjust the design. When you're ready, click 'Download PNG' and the image file will be saved to your device. 

If you decided to create QR codes for each location, save the file name with the location number which will make it easier to add it to the correct signage each time you're done downloading; repeat this until you've made it through all the locations i.e. QR Table 1.jpeg, QR Table 2.jpeg.

For questions or assistance with creating QR codes, please contact our Support Team at support@bbot.menu.