How to Access Your Stripe Dashboard

Your Stripe dashboard is a centralized location where you can view payout information such as your Stripe account balance, the frequency of payouts, a list of recent transactions, and the status of said transactions. You can also edit account information including the associated bank account, your personal and business details, as well as team members who can help manage the account.

You can access your Stripe dashboard through your Bbot Owner Panel by doing the following:

1. To begin, click ‘Payouts and Billing’ under the 'Financials' section of the Owner Panel.

2. Click on 'Stripe Payout Settings' then 'Connect With Stripe' and you'll be directed to the Stripe Dashboard. to enter the necessary information. To minimize the risk of fraud, only account users with owner-level permissions will be able to access the Stripe Dashboard.

If you have already connected your Stripe account, you will see a message advising of that and a button that, when clicked, will open a new window which will direct you to your Stripe Dashboard.

3.  Once in your Stripe dashboard, you can easily toggle between 'Payouts' and 'Account' tabs.

For help reconciling your Stripe transfers please see Reconciling Stripe Transfers

Please use our Stripe FAQ article for frequently asked questions.