Payouts & Billing

The Payouts and Billing settings allow you to connect a credit card or bank account as well as connect to your Stripe account in the Owner Panel. The Primary Payment Method is what Bbot will use to charge for SaaS fees, implementation fees, hardware costs, etc. 

To begin, click ‘Payouts and Billing’ under the 'Financial' section of the Owner Panel.

In the 'Billing Email' field, enter an email address to have invoices or notifications sent. The email address can be updated at any time but it is required in order to add a payment method.  

After entering the contact email, you can either add a credit card or link your bank account as your billing method. If adding a credit, complete all the fields shown below and click 'Save Billing Method'.

If you would like to add your bank account, click on 'Continue to Plaid' and follow the prompts to connect your bank account. If you opt to pay via ACH instead of a credit card, we highly recommend connecting with Plaid!

If you are unable to connect your account via Plaid, complete the fields shown below to manually enter your account information and click 'Save Bank Account'.

Note: Entering your bank account manually will send two micro-deposits to the account entered, and the amounts will need to be entered in the Payouts & Billing settings to complete the verification process. Micro-deposits can take 3-5 days to arrive in your bank account, and this may slow your onboarding experience as a result.

The 'Active Bills' section allows you to view pending and paid bills as well as current monthly subscriptions. 

Connecting a Stripe account creates a mini bank account for your payments from Bbot to be deposited into. For more information on Stripe Transfer, please click on the article here. To connect a Stripe account, click on 'Stripe Payout Settings' then 'Continue to Stripe', and you'll be directed to the Stripe Dashboard.

Note: If you operate other restaurants that use Bbot, see Stripe and Multi-Unit Chains.

Complete the fields below, including the type of business entity and your phone number for verification.

You also have the option to have payouts transferred to a debit card instead of your bank account. Enter the card number and expiration date to have it connected. 

After you've connected to Stripe, click on 'View/Edit Dashboard' and make sure nothing needs to be verified (i.e., email address). In some cases, you may be asked to verify the identity of the individual able to recover the account. 

If you need to connect your Stripe account to a different external bank account, you can do that from the Stripe Dashboard. If you need to change to a completely different Stripe account (e.g. with a different owner email), contact and ask us to disconnect the existing account so you can change it.

Once you've connected your account, you can configure your payout schedule, either daily or weekly. 

If you select 'Once Per Week', you will need to select the specific day for the 'Payout Day' from the drop-down menu. 

Selecting 'Collect All Card Charges For 1 Business Day Into 1 Payout' will trigger Bbot's Accounting software to collect all card charges for one business day into one ACH payout to your bank. *Note: International customers cannot set payouts to one daily due to not using the standard Stripe payout system. 

Checking this setting may result in a slight delay in funds reaching your bank account. Still, it will mean that every ACH transfer is associated with a single day of business rather than multiple, which may help you manage your books more easily. This setting differs from Bbot's default accounting behavior which batches ACH payouts as soon as credit card charges clear. 

*Note* Only Owner level employees can adjust the settings for your Stripe account.

For questions about connecting your Stripe account, please contact our Support Team at