Supporting Donations

As a restaurant wanting to support employee donations from online orders there are a few options in setting that up.

  1. Create extra menu items labeled for donations. Example: $1 Donation to Employees, $5 Donation to Employees, $10 Donation to Employees, etc.
    1. Since these are categorized as 'donations' they will not need to be taxed. In order to make sure tax isn't taken out of the donation - set the tax rate on the item to 0%. If you aren't sure how to adjust tax rates by item learn here.
    2. When patrons are donating ONLY and you have delivery services integrated you will need to be sure that there a new location code for 'donations' with pickup fulfillment method. This will be a location to list only donation menu items to be sure a delivery driver isn't notified.
  2. To encourage patrons to donate a specific custom amount you will need to create a $1 menu item labeled $1 Donation to Employees. This will allow patrons to change the quantity to donate to a specific $1 amount. Example: Add 6 $1 Donation to Employees to the cart to donate $6. 
    1. A & B above also applies here.