Changing Sales Tax Rate

Note: Changing the default sales tax only impacts items go-forward; it does not update the sales tax rate for existing items. That design is intentional in case some per-item sales-tax customization were already done (e.g. if a locality taxes alcohol at a higher rate and that was already configured per-item).

Login to the owner panel and use the left side menu to access "Account Settings"

Towards the bottom of your account settings, you'll see where you can insert the new default tax rate on sales

If you head back over to your menu showing your items, you can check individual items to verify the default rate hasn't changed already existing items

You can also change the sales tax rate on all existing menu items by hitting the "select all" and adjusting it through the bulk editor

Once you have adjusted the tax rates as needed, look through your individual items to make sure they are all set up correctly.

For questions about adjusting the tax rates, please contact our support team at

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