Snoozing An Order

Snoozed orders are orders that are placed to be fulfilled at a later time or date. They live in the 'Future Orders' tab of your KDS screen until 45 minutes before they are set to be ready; at this time, they will automatically move to the 'Current Orders' tab.* You can also manually un-snooze an order by clicking the blue 'UN-SNOOZE' bar at the bottom of the ticket. This will move it to the 'Current Orders' tab.

Once an order is in the 'Current Orders' tab of your KDS, you will still have the option to manually snooze it. This is particularly useful if a 'Future Order' is accidentally un-snoozed, or, for example, if a guest orders pickup then calls to update the order to a later time. To manually snooze an order, select the order you would like to snooze by clicking it once.

The order will then open and be viewable. 

Next, click the order again, and you will be brought to the Ticket Actions screen.

From here, you can either 'Toggle Select All' or select a single item to snooze. Select the item(s) you would like to snooze and click 'Snooze' in the bottom right corner.

You will be given the following options to either snooze from the current time or from the time the order is set to be ready (if far enough in the future).

Once you selected the desired time, click 'Set.' Once set, the order will live in the "Future Orders' tab until the order has been scheduled to un-snooze, at which time it will automatically move to the 'Current Orders' tab.

*The default un-snooze time for all Bbot orders is 45 minutes. If you'd like this time to be changed, contact 

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