Relay Delivery Support, Refunds & Canceling a Driver

In the Relay platform, there is an instant messenger on the admin page that communicates with the relay support team (they should get back to you in ~2 mins). Relay customers also have a support representative to contact if the delivery doesn't make it to your customer.


You should contact Relay directly about issuing refunds. If an order is refunded through the Bbot platform, it does not send an alert to Relay. If an order needs to be refunded due to something going wrong on Relay's end, you should refund your customer AND contact Relay to request a credit for that order, which if approved, will be issued separately.

Canceling a Driver

If a customer cancels an order, or if for any other reason you need to cancel a Relay driver pickup, you can do so from your Terminal. From the KDS view, expand the order in question and select 'Manage Driver.'

A pop-up window will appear where you can select the red 'X' to cancel the driver from coming to pick up the order.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a threshold at which you will not be able to cancel a Relay driver. This is typically within a few minutes of the scheduled delivery time and is determined by Relay's technology.

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