Fulfillment Performance Report

For help accessing reports please see Accessing the Report Builder & Using the Options

(Note: this report isn't always enabled. If it doesn't show in your Report Builder, it can be added with a request to support@bbot.menu.)

The Fulfillment Performance Report shows when each order was placed, and its progress through the steps of fulfillment to finally being marked "delivered" by staff. It's used to see how long guests had to wait to receive their orders and to troubleshoot restaurant process problems.

Refining your Report 

You can use the dropdown menus to refine this report. 

Whole Day - This will set your set time frame parameters to whole days and there will be no need to set specific times of the day. 

Custome Time Range - This setting will change the time frame parameters to include specific times.

Reporting Columns

The report breaks down the time an order spends in each stage of preparation and delivery. The order numbers shown are formulated based on the time range selected.  The following data is shown for the orders:

Date - The day and time the ‘order number’ was submitted to the ‘vendor’.

Order number - The number attached to a guest’s purchase associated with the vendor and searchable in the Owner Panel under ‘Past Order (receipts/refund)'.  For more information on accessing past orders please see How to Refund a Guest.

Vendor - The location supplying the guest with the items placed within their 'order number.' Vendors are usually located in a Food Hall. 

Destination - The ‘table / Location Code’ the order was submitted from and determines how the order will be fulfilled. 

Unopened minutes - Amount of time (displayed in minutes) an ‘order number’ remains unopened by the ‘vendor’ in the KDS. 

Below is an example of an unopened order in the KDS.

Preparing (or delayed) minutes - Amount of time (displayed in minutes) taken by the ‘vendor’ to prepare the ‘order number’.

Below is an example of an order shown on the KDS that took 7 minutes in regards to ‘preparing (or delayed) minutes’.

Ready for Driver minutes - Amount of time (displayed in minutes) the ‘order number’ was ready and waiting for the driver or delivery person.  

Total minutes - Amount of time (displayed in minutes) taken from the order being submitted to when the order was delivered.

Desired time - Time requested by the guest to receive their ‘order number’ from the ‘vendor’.

Time Delivered - The time the ‘order number’ was delivered to the guest from the ’vendor’.

Minutes late - The difference of time between the time the ‘Time delivered’ and the ‘Desired time’ (displayed in +/- minutes).  ASAP orders will always show the same value as the ‘Total minutes’ column.

Unique order id - Bbot ID associated with the ‘order number’ for the ‘vendor’ on the ‘date’.  This uniquely identifies a specific order in Bbot. (Because the guest-facing Order Numbers wrap around and repeat after Order 999.) The order id can be used to search for the order in other reports