Viewing Bbot Tips on the Tablet

The Tips screen provides a breakdown of tips received on orders. To access the Tips screen, log into the Bbot Terminal app or the Web Terminal and click 'Tips' at the bottom of the screen.

By default, all tips received for the current day will be shown; to see tips in the past or for a specific date range, click on 'Start Time' and 'End Time' and enter a date and time.

To change the grouping of how tips are shown, you can click 'Grouping' to display the tips received by either quarter-hour, half-hour, and hour or click 'By Server' to show the tips received for each server logged into the terminal with their unique pin.

If you want to see tips for only a specific tablet, zone, location, or multiple locations, you can filter them using the 'All Tablets' drop-down menu and check boxes next to each location code or zone.

NOTE: Tips shown on the Terminal Tip Screen exclude tips that go to DoorDash drivers, so these reports are safe for restaurants to use to tip out employees. Restaurants should NOT use the Tip column of the Accounting & Transfers Report to tip out employees; the Accounting & Transfers Report shows all incoming money, including DoorDash tips, and also shows withholding of DoorDash tips.

For questions about the Tips screen, please contact our Support Team at