Stripe Enhancements In Terminal 3.0

With the release of version 3.0 of the Bbot Terminal, the ability for guests to checkout will be even easier with the new features below, and using the Web Terminal will match the experience of using a Bbot android device.

  • Bluetooth Reader auto-updates - A Bluetooth card reader that is attached to a handheld device will automatically install high-priority updates. Optional updates will not be auto-installed but will be installed at a letter date. 
  • Internet Reader Support - If you are using the Web Terminal you are now able to connect a card reader that will automatically update high-priority updates. Currently, the supported internet card readers are the WisePOS E and the Verifone P400 (note: Stripe no longer sells the P400)
  • Support for Tab Sync on Web Terminal - Tabs can now be started on either the device or on the Web Terminal if an internet reader is attached.
  • Support for Tab Sync with manual card entry - tabs can now be started with manual card entry on both the Web Terminal and android device.

 When guests are ready to enter their credit card information by clicking 'Pay Now', they will be presented with a pop-up window allowing them to tap, swipe, or dip their card. They are also able to manually enter the card information by clicking the 'Manual Card Entry' button.

By clicking 'Manual Card Entry' guests have the option to enter in their credit card information instead. 

If Tab Sync is enabled and the guest is using a Visa or MasterCard, the guest will be prompted for a tab name ask for a tab name. If they are using any other card, it will be saved as the default payment method. 

Note: Stripe Card Readers are currently only supported in the U.S.

For any questions about the guest checkout process, please contact our support team at