Location Codes - Toast Table Mapping

To map your Bbot location codes to your Toast tables, go to the Location Code Editor. and select the 'Edit Table Mappings' button.

Once the 'Edit Table Mapping' button is selected you will be brought to the table mapping page. There are two ways to map the location codes to your Toast tables.

Auto-Populate Mappings - This will automatically map Toast tables to location codes that have similar names or numbers. If you are using this method it is recommended that you create Bbot location codes that have the same exact names as your Toast tables.

Manual Table Mapping - You can use the dropdown menu next to the location code to select the table that the location code will map to.

Toast Employee Mapping

This setting is used to manually map a specific location code to a specific employee, for tipping purposes. This option should only be used for location codes that are maned by one specific individual.