How To Use Service Requests

Once Service Requests have been configured for your ordering site, guests can communicate with a server or request items such as additional utensils, a water refill, or send a custom message with the click of a button.

On the Order Status page, guests can request service via the prominent 'Request Service' button below their order information. Guests can achieve the same result by clicking the service requests icon in the top right-hand corner of this page. This icon will translate across ordering pages, as well, so that guests can conveniently request service at any time during their dining experience.

If you click on the 'Order Again' button, the Request Service button can also be found at the top right corner of the screen while guests browse the menu.

When you press the button, the list of Service Requests that were added will be available for the guest to choose from.

If a restaurant has allowed custom messages to be sent, pressing the custom message Service Request button will prompt a field where you can fill out a message to be sent to the restaurant staff.

For any questions regarding the functionality of Service Requests, please reach out to