Connecting Square POS

Connect Your Square Account

Navigate to the Bbot App Store in the 'integrations' section of your Owner Panel

Scroll to 'Square Orders + Menus' or select 'POS Integrations' in the dropdown menu. 

Click the 'Connect Square' button and you'll be prompted with a message advising you that all items will be archived, or deleted, once you click the 'Connect' button. The menu items will be pulled from the items you have set up in your Square terminal and any items that you currently have in Bbot will be replaced with the Square menu items.

After clicking 'Connect', you'll be redirected to Square's operator log-in page where you'll be prompted to enter your credentials to link your account with Bbot. 

After successfully logging in and navigating back to Bbot, you'll be able to edit the Square integration settings by clicking the 'Edit' button, as shown below.

Once the Square integration is connected, you'll be able to configure the settings for orders being injected into Square by selecting the different boxes shown below. 

'Square Location'

Clicking the dropdown will allow users to select a single restaurant from a list of all restaurants on the same Square account.

'Should variations be treated as modifiers?' 
  • 'Treat Variations As Modifiers' will load all Square variations as modifiers in Bbot. This will be the default option selected. 
  • 'Treat each variation as a separate menu item' will load Square variations as unique items in Bbot.

Square uses Variations that treat items as either individual items or as modifiers for a base item. When the menu sync is completed, it will map all Variations as modifiers on the menu items if 'Treat Variations As Modifiers' is selected. Items with Variations will have a base price of $0.00 and the different Variations will add to the price of the item. 

For example, if you create a $5.00 item with a Small (+$0.00), Medium (+$1.00), and Large (+$2.00) Variation, the item will appear to have $0.00 base price to the guest. The Variation, however, will list the price as Small $5.00, Medium $6.00, and Large $7.00 as it is the base price plus the add-on amount.

If  'Treat Each Variation As A Separate Item' is turned on, each Variation will map as a separate item in Bbot. For example, the item we created above would have the Small, Medium, and Large Variations as individual items instead of add-ons for that item. Learn more about Square Variations here.

Import Images from Square

When this is turned on, menu item images will be imported from Square and mapped to the associated menu item in Bbot. If you do currently have menu images applied to items in Bbot, they will be overwritten by the imported Square images. In Square, the images are set on the base item so when images are imported, all Variations will have the same image. 

If this setting is turned off, menu items will not have any associated images. You will, however, still be able to add images for menu items in Bbot.

Inject Orders into Square 

Selecting this will send any orders received thru Bbot into the Square POS which will be displayed on the Square KDS with the order number showing as the Guest Name. This is not automatically turned on, so you will need to manually select it. 

When Order Injection is turned on, Bbot will only send order information to Square but does not  receive updated information from Square regarding the order. Bbot order numbers will be injected and displayed 'Name' field on the Ticket, on the KDS, and on the POS to the beginning of the menu item name. 

The inventory quantity in Square will also be adjusted based on the order received from Bbot however you will not be able to update the inventory amount in the Bbot menu settings. 

A refund can be performed in Square or Bbot. When a refund is performed, through either platform, it will automatically update the other system and mark the order as a Refund.

Display Bbot location on Square ticket 

If selected, the Bbot location code will be injected into Square and displayed on the ticket, the KDS, and the POS. It will be displayed in the 'Notes' section of the ticket and on the KDS. KDS, and on the POS.

Display Bbot fulfillment method on Square ticket 

If selected, the Bbot fulfillment method (Delivery, Pickup, Server Delivery, etc.) will be injected into Square and displayed on the ticket, on the KDS, and on the POS.

Display Bbot checkout info on Square ticket 

If selected, Bbot will inject extra order information, such as special instructions and allergy info, into Square. This information will be displayed in the 'Note' section at the bottom of the order on the ticket, on the KDS, and on POS. This option does not include information such as guest name, email address, address, and phone number.

Automatically mark orders as accepted in Bbot, once they're injected into Square

This setting will set the order as 'Accepted By Staff' in Bbot when the order is injected into Square. This setting will exclude the 'Catering' fulfillment method as it will provide you with the opportunity to review an order before accepting it.  It will also exclude the 'No-Feedback'  fulfillment methods as these statuses are not used by these fulfillment methods.

Update Bbot order status on order status updates in Square

This setting will ensure that order status changes made in Square will be reflected in the order status changes made in Bbot. This setting is useful as it will allow you to move an order through Bbot without having to interact with the Bbot Terminal. Please review the Square Status Mapping article. 

Ticket Name Field Format

This field will allow you to use a keyword to have specific information injected into the 'Name Field' on Square tickets. You can use '$ORDER_NUMBER' to have the order number injected, '$LOCATION' to have the location code injected, '$PATRON_NAME' to have the guest's name injected, or '$ROOM_NUMBER' to have the room number injected.

Order Pre Time (Minutes)

This setting controls how long before an order is 'Desired Time' that future orders tickets print in Square. It also controls the pickup time for asap orders so that they don't show a pickup time that is in the past.

Sync Your Square Menus

After connecting Square integration, navigate to your Bbot 'Menus' from your Owner Panel.

Select the 'Menus' section on the 'Menus' page.

You will then need to select which of your Square 'Categories' that you would like to Sync into Bbot Menus. You will first need to create a new menu in Bbot by clicking the 'Plus' sign on the top right. 

Once your new Bbot menu has been created you can now select which Square 'Categories' you would like for that menu to import from Square. Only items that have a Square category will be imported from Square. 

To select which categories will be imported to your Bbot menus, click the chain icon shown below and select from the list in the pop-up menu. Only items that have a Square category will be imported from Square.  These Categories will create and map over as new 'Headings' in Bbot. 

For any menu items you do not want to appear in the Bbot menu, you would simply need to add an asterisk(*) to the beginning of the menu item.

Once your menu has been added and menu items created, you can click the 'Check Square Menu Sync Status' to perform a manual menu sync and have the Square menu items loaded. The Menu Sync will also occur automatically every 5 minutes.

Menu item properties are injected into Bbot from your Square menu and the items below cannot be edited in Bbot.

  • SKU
  • Stock
  • ‘Included item  modifiers’
  • ‘Menu heading’
  • Images
  • Price
  • Tax

*Note*: Tax inclusive pricing is not currently supported when injecting orders from Bbot to Square. If there are items or menus that are tax inclusive, guests will receive an error when trying to check out.

Discounts and Service Charges

Discounts from Bbot orders will be added to orders in Square and the discount name in Bbot will be mapped to the name field on the order in Square. The discount will be distributed among the items on the order as line item discounts are not currently supported. 

Service charges will be injected into Square just as they are configured in Bbot as we currently do not have a method to map service charges directly from Square to Bbot.

Disconnect Your Square Integration 

Navigate back to the Bbot App Store. Find the Square integration section and select disconnect.

You will then be presented with a pop-up window that will ask you to confirm that you want to disconnect your Square integration.

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