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Creating A Room Service Promo Code

Currently, Bbot does not have an integration for injecting room service charges directly into property management software. To resolve this, you're able to create a promo code allowing the guest to enter their room number and applying a 100% discount for the order. Through this workflow, we are able to inject open orders into Micros that have no payment information attached. These orders can then be closed and charged to a room.

In the Owner Portal, select the 'Promos + Discounts' under the 'Restaurant Setup' section.

Then click on the Promo Code Promotions.

Create a new Promo Code by clicking the + button. 

Set the name for the new Promotion code as “Room Service” and set it to a %100 discount.

select your establishment and then select the 'Unlinked (will not appear on ticket)' option. 

You will then need to enter a name for the promo code which will be the room numbers the promo code will apply to. Click the 'Bulk Upload Promo Codes Via A CSV List' button.

You can then download the Example Promo Code CSV file and enter all the room numbers that the promo code will apply to. Enter all of the room numbers in the 'Promo Code' column of the CSV and once that's completed, be sure to save the CSV file and then click the 'Upload File' button. 

Changing The Promo Code Label At Checkout

Once you've created the promo codes, you'll want to change the way the promo code text is displayed on the check-out screen. Navigate to 'Tables/Location Codes' in the owner panel and select all of the room number location codes. 

Scroll down to the 'Checkout' section and enter in 'Room Number' in the 'Edit Promo Code Label'. Once you've done that, hit save and the text at the checkout screen will now show 'Room Number' in the promo code field at the checkout screen. 

For any assistance with configuring your promo codes or check out information, please reach out to Bbot support by emailing

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