Aloha Omnivore POS Agent Presale Checklist


The following are the minimum requirements for the BOH POS PC where the agent is to be installed:

  1. PC Hardware Requirements.
    1. Quad-Core 2GHz+ CPU 
    2. 1GB+ Available RAM 
  2. Operating System 
    1. Windows 7+
    2. Windows Server 2008 R2
  3. Minimum required POS Version
    1. Aloha TS 12.3+ 
    2. Aloha QS 12.3+

The following are the POS prerequisites:

  1. Aloha Connect license
    1. *Please note that this license if not installed already, could run up to $1000 from Aloha resellers*
  2. 2 External Interface Terminal (EIT)
    1. *Licensing could cause additional costs on the customer depending on the reseller*
      1. 1 for transactional calls
      2. 1 for employee calls 
  3. ATG is installed and running 
    1. Validate NCR Aloha Transaction Gateway service is started 
    2. Validate NCR Aloha Transaction Gateway Helper service is started
  4. RAL is installed and running
    1. Validate Radiant Application Loader service is started 
  5. Interface server is running
    1. Validate (for TS) iber.exe (for QS) iberqs.exe process is running 

The above prerequisites are required before proceeding.


The following are the install session pre-requisites:

  1. Teamviewer (or similar) installed on BOH POS PC for remote access
  2. Windows Administrator credentials for the POS BOH PC 
  3. POS Administrator credentials for the POS management interface
  4. Firewall exception for CONNECT.OMNIVORE.IO outbound traffic to following subnets on port 443

*Omnivore has all the IPs in these subnets reserved for future expansion. 

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