Chain Wide Accounting Report

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The Chain-wide Accounting Report allows Chain Parent accounts to holistically view their high-level daily accounting information by chain/franchise in one report. 

Refine Report 

This report can be refined by a date range by using the dropdown calendars or by typing the dates in.

The Chain Wide Accounting Report contains the following fields:

Venue Information - The 'Venue Name' column and the 'Venue Number' column identify the particular location associated with the accounting information. 

Accounting Date - Recognizes revenue at the date when it was earned; the date the order was submitted and payment applied by the guest.

Sales - 'Net Sales Pretax' is the dollar sum of the 'Beverage Sales,' 'Food Sales,' and the 'Other Sales' columns. 

Other Components - 'Service Charges' reflect the sum of any service fees a chain location charged guests. 'Tax' reflects the total tax. 'Gross Incl Tax' sums up the 'Net Sales Pretax,' 'Service Charges,' and 'Tax.' The 'Tips' column sums up all the tips.

Cut Allocations - The 'Bbot and Processing Fees' column sums the Stripe and Bbot fees added to transactions. 'Partner Agreements' refer to cuts going to partners and the 'Card Income after Fees' column takes the sum of 'Gross Incl Tax' and 'Total Tips' then subtracts 'Bbot and Processing Fees' and 'Partner Agreements.'

Other Transfer Components - 'Card Disputes' captures the sum of disputed transactions which resulted in chargebacks. 'Withholdings (Delivery Bills etc)' sums up the fees, if any, withheld for other partners i.e. DoorDash Drive. The 'Final Bank Transfer' column is 'Card Income After Fees' less the sum of 'Card Disputes' and 'Withholdings (Delivery Bills etc).' 

Transfer Information - 'Transfer Date' shows you the date funds are transferred from Bbot to Stripe. For information on Stripe transfers please see How Stripe Transfers Work.

ACH Information - If paid through ACH, the 'ACH Payout Descriptor' will have a description of the ACH Transfer. The 'ACH Payout  Date' will reflect the date of the ACH payout.