Upload Menu to Onboarding Portal

Before you begin, it is important to note that this section does not apply to you if you will be using a direct POS integration such as Toast, Square, or Upserve. If you are using an Omnivore Integration (Aloha, Micros) you will need to submit a menu. Your Implementation Specialist will instruct you to skip this step and mark it complete for you.  If your agreement states that Bbot will build the menu for you, your Implementation Specialist will build your menu CSV and upload it to your Onboarding Portal for you.

If you decide you would like Bbot to build your menu for you, select 'Have Bbot Create your menu' in your Onboarding Portal by following the instructions below. Pricing can be found when you reach this step in your Onboarding Portal.

1. Click the white 'Upload New Menu' box

2. Type a name for your menu.  In the example below, the menu is named 'Main Menu'.  Press the blue 'Next: Choose Upload Method' button

3. Select your upload type: (A) Upload your own menu CSV or (B) Have Bbot create your menu.  For more information on building your Menu CSV, please see Bbot Menu Resources (CSV).  Once selection is made (choice will appear highlighted blue), click the blue 'Next: upload menu documents' button

4. Click 'Select Files to Upload' and find your CSV file on your computer.  You can also choose to upload a file from a Google Dive by selecting the Google Drive icon in the top left corner of the pop up screen.

5.  Select desired file and press the blue 'upload' button

6. When CSV file is formatted properly, you will now see this menu in your Onboarding Portal (circled).  The Portal will tell you how many items were uploaded, as well as the amount of categories (or headers).  You may upload additional menus if you have others, or press the blue 'Next Task' button if you are finished.

Please Note: The Onboarding Portal will inform you if there is an issue with your CSV file and detail what the issue may be.  Below is an example of a Menu CSV that showed errors.  In the example below, the error message reads 'Row 7: Duplicate Item name. Bottled Water'.   

How to Fix the Error: Rename one of the menu items in Row 6 and Row 7 so they are not the same.

Once menu item name is updated, Download a new CSV file 

Upload the updated CSV file to your Onboarding Tool

Click the blue 'Next' button

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