Setting up Payment in Onboarding Portal

  1. Enter email address in the 'Billpayer Email' box

2. Click blue 'Save Email' button.  Green completion box will appear letting you know the Email has been saved

3. Click blue '+ Add Payment Source' button

4. Select payment source by (A) Credit Card or (B) Bank Account

  • (A) Adding payment by Credit Card:  Add payment information and click blue 'save' button

  • (B) Adding Payment by Bank Account:

    B!: Click the blue 'Connect Bank With Plaid' button

B2: Click black 'Continue' button:

B3: Search and Select Bank:

B4: Enter the username and password that you typically use to log into your bank online:

 B5: Complete remaining steps.

Please Note:  Adding a (A) Credit Card or (B) Bank Account via Plaid are the two main sources of accepted payment.  If you do not wish to use a Credit Card, and it is determined that your bank type is not supported by Plaid, please contact your Implementation Specialist for additional options.

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