Accessing Your Onboarding Portal

You should have received an email from Bbot with a link that prompts you to log in or create an account to your Onboarding Portal, as pictured below.  

1. Select 'Create a new account'

2. Fill out your basic information


  • Bartender/Server: Bartenders and servers have the same level of permissions. They are able to log into the Bbot tablet and move orders forward in the workflow process, as well as search previous orders. However, they are not able to refund orders, nor access the Bbot owner panel to make changes.
  • Manager: Managers have all of the permissions that servers and bartenders have, plus more. Managers are able to refund orders, move orders backward in the order workflow process, and log into the owner panel to make changes.
  • Owner: Owners have all the capabilities of a manager with one addition - owners are able to maange payouts by changing or adding the Stripe account in the owner panel.


  • Used to log into Bbot Tablet/Terminal
  • Used by managers and owners to issue refunds

3. Once your account is created, log into your Onboarding Portal to get started!

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