View Current Menu Statuses

The Bbot Owner Panel lets you see the status of your menus in one location. To view it, follow the steps below:
Log into your Owner Panel

Click on 'Available Hours + Menu Settings
can view the status of your menus at a specific location code you have by typing it in the search bar. 
In the image above, you can see the state of your Prep Stations which serve a specific location code as well as the status of your Menus. 
Your menu's availability status will tell you if your menu is available or why it may not be. 
  1. If your menu availability shows 'Status normal', that means your menu will be available at the location you've selected. 
  2. If your menu availability shows up as 'Menu is not offered at this delivery location', you'll need to add the menu to the location code by navigating to the 'Tables/Location Codes' Page. 

If your menu is unavailable and you're unsure why check out this article

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