Handheld FAQ

Handheld android phone for servers to use the Bbot terminal on-the-move. Include an attached credit card reader. Custom assembled by Bbot to epoxy the credit card reader onto the phone.

Q. How do I connect my Handheld tablet to the internet? 

Handhelds are connected to the internet via WiFi.  You will automatically be promoted to connect to an available network when powered on.

Q. I just got my device and it is asking me for a password! What should I type in?

The password to your device is '123456789'

Q. Can I change the password for my device?

Yes!  Please click here for details.

**Please note: This must be set before tablet is set to Kiosk mode by Bbot.  You will need to reach out to a Bbot team member for help if you're already in Kiosk mode and locked out from settings.

Q. How do I adjust the volume on my Handheld?

Hold the volume up or volume down buttons on the right-hand-side of the tablet.

Q. How can I restart my Handheld?

Press and hold the Power button on the right-hand-side of the device.

Q. Why does my handheld screen keep locking?

Handhelds will screen lock to preserve power as they cannot be connected to power at all times. When connected to power source, handheld will not screen lock.