Printers FAQ

Bbot can connect to most ethernet printers via our printer control box. For more information about the printers Bbot can connect to via our printer control box, please see Supported Printers.

Q. How can I connect Bbot to my printers without an integration?

Bbot connects to printers via a printer control box. You printer control box must be connected to the same router as your printers to ensure they are on the same network level.

Q. Can Bbot connect to wireless, Bluetooth, or serial printers?

No. Bbot can only connect to hardwired, ethernet printers.

Q. How do I know if my printer is an ethernet printer?

Ethernet printers will have an ethernet port. 


The picture above shows an ethernet port on the left side of the photo. 

Q. If I have an integration, how will Bbot connect to my printers?

Bbot injects orders into your POS system, who in turn, prints those orders at any printers that are connected to your POS system. 

Q. If I have a USB printer, can I add a 'USB to ethernet' converter and connect to a printer control box?

No. Unfortunately, a converter will not enable network connection on a printer.