Chain-Wide Chargeback Report

For help accessing reports please see Accessing the Report Builder & Using the Options

Refining your Report 

You can use the dropdown menus to refine this report. 

Whole Day - This will set your set time frame parameters to whole days and there will be no need to set specific times of the day. 

Custome Time Range - This setting will change the time frame parameters to include specific times.

Reporting Columns

The Chain-wide Chargeback Report report allows Chain Parent accounts to holistically view charge-backs across all their locations in one report. This includes the venue name, information on the impacted guest, and the amount affected and charged. By using this report, you can better understand chargeback risk.

Venue - The 'Venue Name' Column and the 'Venue Number' Column will populate with the name of the affected location and a number if one has been assigned to it, respectively. 

Chargeback Date - The 'Chargeback Date' column will notify you of the date the Chargeback has occurred. 

Chargeback Reason - the 'reason' for a given chargeback. 

Order Information - The 'Order Date' contains the date the order was placed. The 'Order Numbers' column contains the order number associated with the chargeback

Card Information - 'The Name on Card' is the name associated with the card. 'Card last 4' shows the last 4 digits on the card. The 'Card Brand' is used to see which brand of card a customer is using. The 'Card Zip' is the zip code associated with the card.

Transaction and Location Information - The 'Transaction ID' will tell you the ID of the checkout the chargeback was associated with. The 'Location' provides the Location Code where the order took place. Lastly, the 'User Unique ID' represents the ID assigned to a unique guest associated with the chargeback. A unique guest ID is generated based on a unique session unless the user is logged in. If a guest is logged in, their user ID will be the one associated with their account. 

Guest Information - The 'User Signed In' field will be 1 if a guest was signed in and 0 if otherwise. The 'Guest Name', 'Guest Phone' and 'Guest Email' information are populated from the checkout page on an order.

Chargeback Information - The 'Chargeback Total Principal' Field is the amount of money being disputed by the customer in the chargeback. This should be the amount charged to their card. Chargebacks incur a $15 fee each and this is shown in the 'Chargeback Total Bank Fees.' There are also processing fees associated, which are taken out of the principal (shown in the charged-back processing fees) and the resulting amount is the 'Charged-back Principal in Transfer.' The 'Charged-back Fees in Transfer' will reflect the chargeback fee which will be applied to your Bbot transfer. The final 'Net Bank Transfer' column is the total amount that will be transferred from your bank account