Gratuity Settings


In the Bbot Owner Panel, there is the option to configure your Gratuity Settings. These settings will control the tip percentages presented to guests at checkout, as shown below.

Configuring Your Gratuity Settings

1) Navigate to your Bbot Owner Panel dashboard and select ‘Restaurant S’ under the ‘Configuration’ section.

2) Once you have reached the Account Settings page, scroll down until you see the 'Gratuity Settings' section. This is where you will set your tip amounts, as well as the fulfillment methods to which they will apply.

  • Tip Percentages: There are three customizable tip percentages that can be presented to guests. You can set the amount for each of these and choose which one will be preselected for guests by clicking ‘Default’ next to the desired percentage. While the default tip percentage will be preselected for the guest at the time of checkout, they can select any other option or select ‘Other’ and enter their own custom tip amount.
  • Fulfillment methods: In this same section, you will need to choose which fulfillment method(s) you’d like your tip percentages to apply to.
    *Only fulfillment methods selected here will allow tipping; those that are not selected will not offer guests tip percentage options nor the option to enter a custom tip!

3) Click the ‘Save Tip Percentages’ button at the bottom of the section to save your settings. 

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