Legacy - Marketing Opt-In at Checkout

The Marketing Opt-In feature is a great way to start building or add to an existing marketing outreach list. By enabling the Marketing Opt-In feature, you cover your legal bases, ensuring that you are not spamming your guests. This feature is a simple checkbox presented to guests at the time of checkout, as shown below:

The Marketing Opt-In feature is located in the Required Checkout Information that can be set for each individual location code under the 'Checkout' section of the location code editor. To get started setting up the Marketing Opt-In feature, navigate to the 'Tables / Location Codes' section of your Bbot owner panel to edit the locations

Choose the 'Available Fields' dropdown menu under the 'Checkout' section, and select the 'Marketing Opt-In' option.

Once you select this option, you will see Marketing Opt-In appear as a line in the editor, along with the 'Email' field. The 'Email' line item will populate automatically when you add Marketing Opt-In, as this is the minimum guest information you will want to collect for marketing purposes. For the best conversion rate, we recommend keeping the 'Checked by Default' option selected.

The standard language will populate under the 'Label on Checkout Page' column for the Marketing Opt-In. To change the verbiage click on the standard language, and a rich text editor will show. Here you can swap out the original text and format it to your liking.

Once you've added the fields you would like and adjusted your text accordingly, don't forget to save all changes using the blue 'Save' option at the bottom of the editor.

The email addresses you collect via the Marketing Opt-In will appear in your Transaction Details Report under the 'Guest Email' column. Here you will find confirmation that they have opted in under the 'Consents to Special Offers' column.

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