Cuts From Vendors Report

For help accessing reports please see Accessing the Report Builder & Using the Options

The Cuts From Vendors Report is typically used by food halls or chains and is not active by default.  The report must be requested for addition to your report builder by contacting Bbot Support.

Refine Report 

This report can be refined by a date range by using the dropdown calendars or by typing the dates in.

The Cuts From Vendors Reports displays the following information:

Accounting Date - Calendar date of the orders placed by guests resulting in the 'cut' received.

Cut of (sales, tips, etc.) - Dollar amount received from the cut of a sale, tip, or any category that has been assigned to receive a cut from a vendor on the 'Accounting Date.' The assigning of cuts to be received is done on the Bbot side and can be requested from Bbot Support.

Chargebacks and misc. - Dollar amount of chargebacks or any other adjustment to a cut on the 'Accounting Date' received from a vendor.

Final Bank Transfer - Dollar amount transferred to Stripe from the 'Cuts' on the 'Accounting Date' to be paid out to the venue.

Transfer Date - Calendar date funds are transferred from Bbot to Stripe. For information on Stripe transfers please see How Stripe Transfers Work

For more information on reconciling Stripe transfers, please see Reconciling Stripe Transfers.