Legacy Accounting Report

For help accessing reports please see Accessing the Report Builder and Using the Options

For each Stripe transfer, the Legacy Accounting report shows the following data:

Charge Date - Recognizes revenue at the date when it was earned; the date the order was submitted and payment applied by the guest.  The same 'Charge date' may appear in multiple columns because Bbot transfers funds as soon as they are available.  Guests placing orders on the same 'Charge date' may have their funds made available on different dates by their financial institutions resulting in a different 'Transfer date' of funds with the same 'Charge date'.

Reporting Categories - A reporting category can be attached to each specific menu item.  The Legacy Accounting report displays the pre-tax total dollar amount of the menu items sold on the corresponding ‘Charge Date’ and transferred on the 'Transfer Date' for each category that has been created. 

Menu items that have not been assigned to a reporting category will show transaction amounts in the 'other sales' category.

To create a reporting category, please see editing a single menu item.

Convenience Fees - Total pre-tax dollar amount of all Service Charges applied to the fulfilled orders sold on the corresponding ‘Charge Date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'

Gross Sales - Total dollar amount of items sold pretax + ‘Convenience fees pretax’ on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'

Refunds Issued - Total dollar amount of refunded items on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'.

Net Sales Pretax - Total dollar amount of items sold pretax + ‘Convenience fees pretax’ on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'.

Tax - Total amount of tax applied to orders on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'.  

Sales Incl Tax - Total amount of ‘Net sales pretax’ + 'Tax' for items sold on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'.

Total Tips - Total dollar amount of tips received for orders on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'.

Total Card Income - All sales including tax plus tips for items sold on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'.

Bbot and Card Processing Fees - Bbot fees applied to orders on the 'Charge date' and transferred on the 'Transfer Date'.

Card Income After Fees - Total dollar amount calculated as (‘Gross incl tax’ + ‘Total tips’ - ‘Bbot and processing fees’).

Adjustments to Past Transfers - Total dollar amount debited or credited from a card dispute.  The debit or credit is shown on the day it happens, not the day of the original charge. Thus, debits/credits may appear on days when the merchant was closed.  For an explanation of how these amounts are applied, see How Does Bbot Handle Chargebacks. There are no edits to the original transaction amount of a chargeback.

Final Bank Transfer - Total dollar amount to be transferred to the venue.  

‘Card income after fees’ + 'Adjustments to past transfers' = ‘Final bank transfer’.

Transfer Date - Date funds are transferred from Bbot to Stripe. For information on Stripe transfers please see How Stripe Transfers Work.