Printer Configuration

The 'Printer Configuration' option allows a venue to connect Bbot's Printer Control Box and connect, disconnect, or monitor printers.

Accessing Printer Configuration

From the Bbot Owner panel, scroll down to the 'Restaurant Setup' section and click 'Printer Configuration.'

Connecting a printer control box

To connect a new Printer Control Box, click 'Connect to a new Printer Control Box'.

Step 1:

Enter the serial number of your Printer Control Box or use the 'Search' option to locate a Printer Control Box that is already connected. This serial number can be found on the box itself. If you are unable to locate this serial, please contact

Once the 

Step 2:

Name your Printer Control Box and click 'Save'.

Connect a printer to your Printer Control Box

1. Log in to your Bbot Owner Panel

2. Under the 'Restaurant Setup' section of the Bbot Owner Panel,  Click the 'Printer Configuration' Button
3. From here you will find all of the PCB's (Printer Control Box) for the selected customer.
4. Select the three dots for the desired PBC, a dropdown box will appear, select 'Connect New Printer'
5. A form will appear, please fill in the following information the name of the printer name (ie Kitchen, Bar1, Bar2), Printer IP (see how to pull printer IP address), Driver Profile (the make and model of the printer), select if this printer is used as a backup for another printer, and select which stations the printer will print tickets for. Then select
6. Once the printer is connected you will want to run a test print and refine the settings for the printer. begin by selecting our newly created printer.
7. A new window will appear that you can then use to refine settings such as Receipt/Ticket Font Scale, the ticket width (paper size), select if this printer is used to print receipts, which account owns this printer (if the PCB is used for multiple accounts). Once configured select 'Save'
8. To run a test print select the printer and select the 'Send Test Print' Button at the bottom of the Pop-Up form.
9.  You can then select what kind of test print you would like to send. Then click the 'Print' Button and confirm that the test print was printed.
You have now successfully added a printer

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