How to Connect Ovation

Use Ovation alongside your Bbot ordering platform to automate guest follow-up for both on- and off-premise ordering. Find out how your drive-thru, third-party delivery, pickups, and in-store customers are feeling, fix anything in seconds, and get instant insights to improve. 

1. Sign up for Ovation at:

2. Once you are signed up, you will need to log in to the Bbot Owner Panel to set up your Ovation Integration.

3. Click the 'Bbot App Store' tab under 'Integrations" 

4.Use the drop down menu to select 'Feedback and Intelligence' then click on the 'Connect Ovation' button

5. Input your 'API Key/Id' which should have been provided to you by Ovation after you signed up

6. Click the 'Enter' button.

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