Integrations Activity Feed

The 'Integrations Activity Feed' allows a venue to view possible issues with their integrations.  

Access the Integration Activity Feed

From the Bbot Owner panel, navigate to the 'Restaurant Setup' section and click 'System Logs'.

You will then be able to select 'Integration activity Feed' within the 'Systems Logs'

The Integrations Activity Feed allows different 'Levels' of visibility  

Good to Know - Information that isn't causing an issue with a venue's integration but is useful to know.

The example below shows the Toast POS integration is connected.

Potential Problem - Information about issues that may lead to a problem with a venue's integrations. 

The example below shows 'Price Check Failed' and gives the explanation for the error.

Problem - Information about issues that are causing a problem with a venue's integration. These problems can indicate that there is a misconfiguration.

The example below shows 'Get menus failed' and the explanation for the failure.

The Integrations Activity Feed is also sortable by 'Categories'

Categories will show all current categories that are falling under 'Good to Know', 'Potential Problem', or 'Problem'.  You can sort by a specific category.

The examples below shows 'Categories' sorted by 'Ordering' 

The integrations Activity Feed includes 'Refresh' and 'Scroll to bottom' buttons for easy navigation:

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