How To Build Toast Menus For Bbot

I. Menu Creation

To create a Toast menu, first, navigate to the  Menu section in the back-end and select 'Edit Menus'.

You can either:

a. Create A New Menu: Select the '+' button at the bottom of the list of menus to enter the new menu name.

b. Copy An Existing Menu: You can also copy an existing menu by selecting the drop-down arrow.


  • When creating a new Toast menu that you will be using for Bbot, Menus must be built out separately, rather than overarching 'food' or 'drink' menus. (Example: Appetizers, Sides, and Dinner Entrees must all be separate menus vs being groups under a menu)
  • Toast menu names will appear as Bbot menu headings.
  • Make certain when creating menus for Bbot in Toast, that they are set as Visible To Online Orders: Ordering Partners to enable it to sync with Bbot and follow any set Toast visibility rules.

II. Menu Group Creation

a. To create groups within a Toast menu, start by clicking the menu that you would like to add groups to in the Toast back-end. 

b. Under the 'Groups' heading, select the '+' button. 

c. Enter the name of the group you would like to create in the text field.

For any menu that you would not like to appear in Bbot, you will need to ensure the Toast visibility rules are set in the Toast back end. Under the 'Properties' section in menu settings, you will need to configure the visibility settings and turn 'Visible To...Online orders: Ordering partners' off if you would like the menu to not be displayed in Bbot.

You will then need to check 'Respect Toast Visibility Rules' in the Toast integration settings in the Bbot App Store.

d. When complete, select 'Save'.


  • Toast Groups should not exceed two levels. (Ex: Beer > Draft Beer > Budweiser vs Alcohol > Beer > Draft Beer > Budweiser)

III. Creating & Assigning Modifiers

a. Start by navigating to the item or group that you would like to add a modifier to in the Toast back-end.

b.  Select 'add' under the 'Modifiers' settings. 

c. Here you will have the following options:

  • Required?: If a selection is required or not.
  • Multi-Select: Allows for more than one modifier to be selected per time.
  • Min # Selections: The minimum number of modifiers that can be selected (Only applicable if modifier is required).
  • Max # Selections: The maximum number of modifiers that can be selected.


  • There are three levels in which modifiers can be applied in Toast (Group Level, Subgroup Level, and Item Level). For optimum menu visibility and use with Bbot, we do not suggest three levels of menus. It is important to keep this in mind when creating modifiers as well!

Additional Help From Bbot:

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For questions or more information on Building Toast Menus please contact our support team by clicking here.