Menu Visits Report

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The Menu Visits report shows the number of visits to your menu URL (website address) within the time range selected. A visit is defined as a visit to a website where at least one page has been loaded. The report shows the time, visits, and status when visited.

Refining your Report 

You can use the dropdown menus to refine this report. 

Whole Day - This will set your set time frame parameters to whole days and there will be no need to set specific times of the day. 

Custome Time Range - This setting will change the time frame parameters to include specific times.

Choose Grouping - This setting allows you to break down the report By Transaction, by Half Hour, By Hour, By Day, By Week, By Month, or with No Grouping. 

Reporting Columns 

Time - Range of time the data is formulated from. 

Visits - The total number of visits within the ‘time’ selected. 

Status when visited - The status of the menu at the time of the ‘visits’.  

      On - menu was within available hours when the ‘visits’ occurred

      Off - menu was outside of available hours when the ‘visits’ occurred 

      Mixed - menu was within available hours and outside of available hours when the ‘visits’ occurred

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