Creating Toast Menus - Best Practices

This guide will help your team set up your Toast Menus for the best guest experience in relation to Bbot’s menu and item-level visibility. Please ensure you review and understand your Toast menu hierarchy before making menu group adjustments.

Toast Menu & Item Practices:

  1. Menus should be built out separately, rather than under overarching Food / Drink menus 
    1. Incorrect menu overarching
    2. Correct menu overarching
  2. Toast menu names will appear as Bbot menu headings (Toast = “Groups” & “Sub-Groups”)
  3. Toast menu groups should not exceed two levels to ensure optimum guest navigation
    1. Correct Setup: Beer > Draft Beer > Budweiser
    2. Incorrect Setup: Alcoholic Beverages > Beer > Draft Beer > Budweiser
      1. For largescale menu changes, Bbot customers typically copy existing Toast menus. You can copy an existing menu in Toast by selecting the drop-down arrow.

      a. Recommendation: Duplicate Toast “Liquor” menu and make guest-facing edits

      b. Result: Preserve Toast back-end menu & safely make Bbot hierarchy adjustments

4. When creating menus for Bbot in Toast, they are set as Visible To Online Orders: Ordering Partners to enable it to sync with Bbot and follow any set Toast visibility rules. If you would like to prevent a menu from being displayed in Bbot, uncheck the 'Online Orders: Ordering Partners' box in the Toast visibility settings. 

You will then need to check 'Respect Toast Visibility Rules' in the Toast integration settings in the Bbot App Store.

Toast Modifiers for Bbot: 

  1. Ensure all modifiers are correctly assigned to Items or Groups (ex. “Meat Temps”)
    1. Recommendation: Create a new, Bbot specific modifier group in Toast

           b. Result: Allows you to hide non-guest facing modifiers from guests' choices (ex. Bev)

  1. Upcharges are shown in Bbot as an additional charge (ex. “+ $2.00”) for menu items
    1. Modifier Groups: Can be specified as required, optional, and even pre-selected 

       b. Toast Behaviors: Ensure correct configurations such as  max/min selections

       c. The Toast modifier order determines the modifier list order guests see in Bbot as choices

Catering Note

When creating a catering menu, make certain to create appropriate modifiers and modifier groups for large quantities

If guests will be placing orders for large quantities of items (more than 99) then these types of items must be configured as packages of a certain quantity of items through the use of modifiers and modifier groups

  • For Example - 
    • Modifier Group: Quantity
    • Modifiers: 10, 25, 50, 100

Should a guest try to order more than 99 of an individual item (for instance, 99 individual tacos) they will encounter an error.

Please Note:

Your Toast representative will provide information on how to create and submit menus from scratch. These Bbot best practices were developed for Toast menu edits to generate optimum Bbot menu results for guests when integrating your Toast menus with Bbot.

For questions or more information on Creating Toast Menus please contact our support team by clicking here.

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