Syncing Toast Menus to Bbot

After a customer has gone through the Toast integration process, we can sync their Toast menus to Bbot. To do this, first Log into the Owner Panel.

1. After logging into the Owner Panel, click on 'Menus' under the 'Menu Management' heading. 

2. When you first navigate to the 'Menus' section, you will initially land on the 'Menu Items' tab. Navigate to the 'Menus' tab.

3. After arriving at the 'Menus' tab, click the blue '+' icon which will give you the option to create a menu. Enter a name for the menu and click 'Add Menu'. Please keep in mind that this simply creates a "shell" menu with nothing in it, and you still need to link your Toast menu to populate the menu items in the next step. 

4. After the menu has been added, it will be listed in the 'Menus' tab along with any other menus you may have. Once it is created, under the 'Actions' column, find and select the Toast icon. 

5. After selecting the Toast icon, a pop-up window will show a list of all of your current Toast menus. You can then select whichever Toast menus you would like to import to your currently selected Bbot menu, and click 'Submit'. This will begin the initial sync of your menus and they will populate in Bbot within a few moments! You can tell they have successfully imported when the appropriate menu headings, menu items, modifier groups, and modifiers display in the Bbot user interface. You may need to refresh the page for the menu items to appear.

Please Note: Multiple Toast menus can be linked to one Bbot menu.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until you have imported all of the Toast menus that you would like to sync with Bbot.

Once the menus have been set up following these steps, Toast and Bbot will automatically sync approximately every 2-4 minutes. As you make changes in Toast, please ensure that you save and publish your menus, or else those changes will not be imported into Bbot. 

If you need to download the menu in a CSV format, you can click the down arrow shown below. 

There are certain items in the menu settings that are not able to be updated based on the menu syncing from Toast. Information such as the name of the menu item as it appears on the menu page and the menu heading the item is displayed under are based on the menu being synced from Toast and are not editable in Bbot.

In addition, the item price, tax percentage, and any item modifiers can also not be changed in Bbot. Any item that needs any of these fields updated would need to be changed first in the Toast back end before they would be populated in the Bbot menus. 

* Please note: If a menu item is marked out of stock in Bbot but not in Toast, the Toast menu sync will override the setting in Bbot and the item will show as available. However, if a menu or menu item is not marked as "Enabled" in Bbot, Toast menu sync will not override this setting and the menu or menu item will not show on the ordering site.

If there is a particular menu item that should not be synced from Toast, the easiest way to prevent it is to put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the item name in Toast, such as *BIRTHDAY CANDLE. Our system interprets an asterisk to mean “do not import”.

The modifiers for items in Bbot must match exactly with the corresponding Toast modifiers. When there is a mismatch in modifiers, it will result in a price check error due to 'Too Many Modifiers', 'Too Few Modifiers', or 'Required Modifier'. If there is a mismatch, when a guest adds an item and navigates to the cart the checkout will not be blocked, but they'll receive an error message advising that the item is unavailable.

In addition, items synced from Toast can show as 'Invalid' in Bbot. If a Modifier Group has been added to an item but modifiers have not been added to the Modifier Group, it will result in an item showing as 'Invalid' during the menu sync. The menu sync status will indicate which item cannot be imported and the group that is missing modifiers.

It is also imperative to ensure that 'Tax Not Included' is selected under the 'Taxes' settings in the Menu Editor in the Toast Backend. When a guest proceeds to the checkout page, the pricing for the item is pulled directly from Toast, and the pricing in the Bbot menu no longer applies.

If 'Tax Included' is selected, the tax amount will be deducted from the price of the item when a guest goes to checkout. For example, if an item is $16.00 with a tax rate of 9.5%, it will reduce the price of the item down to $14.61, the tax being $1.39 based on the tax percentage. 

The 'Check Toast Menu Sync Status' button will provide you insight into when the most recent Toast/Bbot menu sync was completed. If you ever need to force sync your menus, you can do so by selecting the 'Sync Now' button. 

To ensure that your synced menus have imported the correct properties, please visit your Bbot ordering page and make sure the menu items are displaying as you would like them to display!

For questions or more information on Syncing Toast Menus please contact our support team by emailing