Related Orders

Multiple orders are 'Related' if they were produced during the same checkout. 

You can see if an order is part of a 'Related Order' if there is a chain link in the top left corner of the order in the KDS, 'linking' the order to another order. The related order number will also be shown.

You can also see the related order details! To do this select the order that is part of a 'related order' so that the order opens to a new, pop-up screen; scroll down until you see 'related orders'.

Here you can see the order number, the station the order went to (in this case, Main Bbot Terminal - Food), when the order was placed, and the status of the order. To view details of the order, select the carrot drop-down button.

What are related orders? 

Many restaurants fulfill food and drink separately -- they have one Prep Station for food and another Prep Station for drinks. With that setup, the purchase of food and drink will yield two order numbers: one for food items and one for drinks. This indicates to the guest that the two orders might be fulfilled separately. The Terminal will display these two order numbers as 'Related'. Viewing the related orders can help you bundle together items for Delivery or Pickup if needed. This also applies in 'food hall' setups where a single checkout involves items from multiple vendors. The related orders can be collected by runners for delivery to the guest.

In Bbot reports, such as the Transaction Detail report, you can identify related orders as orders that have the same Checkout ID.