Bbot x Toast Integration Timeline

Toast is one of Bbot's preferred partners and implementing our integration can be a relatively quick process if the proper steps are taken and attention to detail is paid. We recommend planning at least a full week to set up your Toast integration but depending on issues that may arise, this process could take longer.

All the steps outlined in Configuring your Toast Integration can be completed in one day, but keep in mind that the setup is only the first step. After the integration is configured, you should give yourself ample time to review your menus, make sure the integration is working smoothly, and troubleshoot potential issues. Depending on the complexity of your menus, your familiarity with both Toast and Bbot, and your desired workflow and menu display, this troubleshooting may take several days. 

Before you are ready to launch, please ensure the following:

  • All of your menu items are importing from Toast and displaying on your online menu as you would like them
  • All modifiers, special instructions, and delivery information is appearing in your KDS and on your printed tickets as intended 
  • Your orders are firing at your prep stations as intended
  • All steps of Section "F. Test Orders" in Configuring Toast Integration have been confirmed

We absolutely do not recommend that you go live with Bbot until all of these functions have been confirmed and that you and your staff are ready for success with their new workflow!

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