Delivery Zone Settings Widget

Enabling this feature will allow you to reject orders to delivery addresses that are too far away or outside of specific zip codes. This setting is important if using your own drivers. It's usually NOT necessary if you're already using a delivery service (i.e. DoorDash) because most delivery services already have a set a delivery zone for your area. 

Start by logging into the owner panel here.

From the left hand side select the drop down menu and select 'Account Settings'

Scroll down until you see 'Delivery Zone Settings'. Here is where you will be able to choose from one of the three options below. 

If you select option one you will be prompted to enter in a mile radius for your delivery distance specific to addresses.

If you select option two you will be prompted to enter in a list of zip codes that you would like for your customer base to be able to order in.

If you select option three you will be prompted to enter in both a radius and zip codes to order within. 

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