Messages on Menu Pages

You can display custom messages at the top of your menu page as well as on checkout pages. These can be used to make guests aware of policies, events, or other important information. For example, you may want to display a message like " Valid ID required if ordering alcohol. Refunds will not be given for lack of ID." when drinks are in the cart.

For a clean checkout experience, use as few messages as possible and keep them brief!

To edit these messages, first login to the Owner Panel.

Select 'Presentation to Guests' from the sidebar:

The 'Messages on Checkout Page' section allows you to enter conditional and non-conditional messaging that appears on the checkout page when your guests are finalizing their orders. You have the ability to set these messages to appear at either the bottom or the top of the page. You can choose to enter specific messages based on whether food and/or drink is present in their cart or to leave messages that will always appear, regardless of what is ordered. 

If you would like to leave a message for your guests on the 'Main Menu' page of your ordering site, the message will always appear below your menu banner.

To ensure the hours are displayed on the menu page, you would need to make sure the Show Store Hours option is turned on.

You can also add in-line images to any of the message fields on this page. Click the "Insert" button, and click "Image"

You can then copy and paste the image URL into the "Source" field, as well as enter an image description and picture dimensions settings. 

Store Hours 

To have your operating hours display on the menu page, you can enter in a custom message as well as the hours of operation in the dialogue box shown below. You are also able to insert a link to an external website by clicking the 'Insert' dropdown menu as well as changing the formatting in the 'Format' menu. 

Once you've entered in the store hour information, click the 'Show Store Hours' slider and then click save. 

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