Legacy - Adding Locations

Follow these instructions to navigate the Bbot Owner Panel to edit your locations.

Click on 'Table/Locations Codes' under 'Restaurant Setup' or in the left-hand drop-down menu

This will take you to the 'Edit Locations' landing page where you can view and edit your locations where orders are generated, as well as 'add' any new locations.

To 'add' a new Location select the blue plus sign button. 

You'll be prompted to fill out the following information for the new Location. 

The "Copy settings from' drop-down menu is a required selection that copies the settings of a preexisting Location. All new Bbot accounts are created with at least one delivery Location, so you will always have one to copy from and you can always edit your location.

'Name' is the name of the location as it will appear on receipts. This name is also referred to as 'Location Long Name' in the 'General' tab while editing individual Locations

'Short Code' is the name of the Location Code.

The 'Add Numbers' box allows you to create multiple numbered locations, each with their own corresponding numbered location codes, with the same configurations (I.e. Bar 1, Bar 2, Bar 3, etc.)

The 'Pad' box allows you to add multiple digits to the numbers you are adding, often to reflect the floor plan's numbering scheme you currently use (I.e. Table 1, Table 12, Table 101, Table 1001, etc.)

*Check out our new Location Code Editor here.

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