Legacy - Location Code Editor - Forced Tips or Gratuity

To access the Forced Tip setting first start by logging into the Owner Panel

Select 'Tables / Location Codes' under 'Restaurant Setup' or in the left-hand drop-down menu

You can select as many locations as you’d like at a time by clicking the box next to the 'Name' category. All of the boxes should reveal a checkmark. 

Next, click the 'pencil' editor button in the blue header showing you have marked several locations. 

Scroll down to the ‘Checkout’ heading. There you will see a category called ‘Forced Tip.' Click on the dropdown that currently says ‘No Change’ there you will then select ‘Set.'

This is where you can label the ‘Forced Tip Name’ and choose the ‘Forced Tip Fraction’ percentage. 

Click 'SAVE'

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