Guest and Staff Activity

The Guest and Staff Activity graph is at the top of the dashboard of the Owner Panel Reports page. It shows you the recent "uptime" of your Bbot service: green means at least one menu was being offered. 

Other colors alert you that guests could not order, for one of these reasons:

Off - The system was manually turned off by staff (either ordering was set to "off" on the Bbot terminal, or all menus were disabled in the Bbot owner portal). 

Offline - The Bbot terminal was physically unpowered or disconnected from the internet.

Closed - The time was outside of normal menu or store hours.

At the top of the chart, green or red dots represent times when a guest visited your online menu page. (Green = the guest saw a menu. Red = ordering was unavailable.)

In the example above, we can see that the tablet was offline on 20 Jan, and this resulted in lost sales. A healthy graph should look like 18 Jan above -- green all day, with guests successfully seeing the menu. 

Diagnosing low sales volume

If sales volume through the system is lower than expected, the chart can be used to see where the "blockage" is:

Symptom: The chart is often not green during open hours. Diagnosis: there's a problem with staff maintenance of the system. Staff training is required.

Symptom: The chart is green but there are few menu visits. Diagnosis: there's a problem with signage or marketing. (Guests aren't being told about the amenity, or the location markers are missing from delivery locations.) The solution depends on how you use the system: you may need to put out new signage or train hosts/bouncers to tell guests about the system.

Symptom: The chart is green and there are menu visits, but few sales. Diagnosis: there's a problem with the online menu (either it's out of date, such that guests can't successfully order, or it's missing items that guests want).

If the chart is green and sales are good, it means you have a solid training program for new staff members. Congratulate your team on a job well done!

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