Menu is Off Hours

In the Bbot Owner Panel, you have the ability to edit the "Menu is Off Hours" message that displays on your online menu when you're offline. 

1. Click on the 'Tables/Location Codes' setting under the 'Restaurant Setup' heading.

2. Check the box to the left of 'Name' to select all locations.

3. Click the 'pen' icon on the right.

4. Scroll down to 'Fulfillment'. You can delete the message that's currently there (in this case "This menu is off hours.") and replace it with different verbiage. 

5. Click Save.

Some of our other customers have chosen to display their hours of availability, while others choose to specifically write that there is an event or buyout. Some options are listed below: 

  • "Ordering hours are 7am-10pm M-F, 8am-11pm Sat, 8am-10pm Sun. Breakfast ends at 11am. Brunch is offered weekends 11am-3pm."
  • "We apologize for the inconvenience, but we're closed due to a buyout. We look forward to seeing you next time!"
  • "WiFi Is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact 'Restaurant Name' directly by phone for service." 

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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