DNS Nameserver Configuration

Using a customer-owned domain or subdomain with Bbot

In most cases, Bbot purchases and configures the domain name for branded ordering sites and no action is required by the customer.  However, a customer can choose to instead purchase the domain themselves or to use a subdomain on a top-level domain that they own.  In both of these cases, the customer is responsible for configuring their DNS nameservers to delegate the domain (either top-level domain TLD or subdomain) to Bbot's DNS on AWS Route 53 by setting the following nameservers:


The specific steps for configuring NS entries depends on your registrar, so please check with them.

Most registrars make configuring the TLD (Top Level Domain) easy and it's readily available in their graphical interface.  Configuring a subdomain is slightly more complicated.  
Subdomain nameserver delegation may be accomplished by adding new NS records for the subdomain in the DNS Manager for your TLD (Top Level Domain).

Additional references:

See this article on subdomain nameserver delegation.

Also see this article on subdomain nameserver in Cloudflare.

You can check the status of your nameserver by using the command 'dig +short NS order.mysite.com' on Linux/Mac or 'nslookup -querytype=ns order.mysite.com' where 'order.mysite.com' is the URL of your subdomain.  If they show other than the four nameservers listed above, then it is not configured correctly.  If the four nameservers listed above are returned or no nameservers are returned, likely the configuration has taken effect correctly and Bbot can proceed with configuring.

* If the customer will be using their own Email Address they will need to provide MX Record along with the Hosting Server of the email. 

See This article for configuring MX records with Gmail with various hosts. 

If you need additional help with this setup contact support@bbot.menu.

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