Party Tabs

A party tab allows guests to create a pre-loaded tab that can be shared amongst a group of people. This allows a party of guests to order independently while one host covers payment.

Creating a Party Tab

To create a party tab, go to the custom ordering site (ie. for the venue at which you would like to create a party tab and create an account if you do not already have one.

Click on your account name in the upper-right-hand corner, and then select 'Your Tabs.'

If you do not have a credit card attached to your account, you will need to add one by selecting the 'change/add' option.

Enter a name for your tab, a password for the tab, and the total amount in dollars you would like on the tab. The minimum tab amount is $50.

Select the start and end dates and times. This is the window of time in which others will be able to access this party tab.

Tap 'Start Party Tab' to create your tab. Note that this will charge your card for the full amount of your tab. When the tab is closed, any unused funds will be refunded to your card. 

You will now see your tab details.

Sharing Access to Your Party Tab

To give other people access to your tab, simply share the link that appears in the 'Your party tab link' field.

After a guest visits the party tab link that you've shared with them, they will see 'Charge Party Tab' as a payment option when they order with Bbot.

Closing Your Party Tab

You can close out your tab if you want to end the tab before its set end time.

You can also see your open and closed tabs at any time by going to 'Your Tabs' in 'Account' and tapping 'See all party tabs.'

For Businesses

You can set Party Tab Domain Restrictions in your Bbot owner panel to leverage the party tab feature for guest-specific promotions.

In configuring the Party Tab Domain Restrictions feature, you can limit the use of party tabs to your specific website. In other words, once a guest creates a party tab on your site, they'll only be able to use that specific party tab for your site.

This can be leveraged to create guest-specific promotions to function similarly to gift cards. For example, you want to offer a specific guest $50 of credit to use across their orders over the next 30 days. To accomplish this, you would simply set the Party Tab Domain Restrictions, create a multi-day party tab, and share the link with the specific guest.

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